Mikaela Hamilton Photography

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"Electropop artist EZA's 'Headlights' video is a synesthetic breakup jam"  - Entertainment Weekly

"EZA is an artist that you’re going to want to get to know as quickly as possible."

"...Some of the best ear candy you will ever savor." -Buzznet

"The pulsing, ethereal sound of “Means of Escape,” the breakout EP from EZA, is uncanny in the truest sense: both unique and immediately familiar...The EP is a collection of masterfully written songs that could hold their own in any genre, but find their best expression here." - New York Minute Magazine

"Listening to an artist like EZA reminds me why I do what I do. Music that sounds as good as hers needs to be talked about, broadcast, shared with the masses. EZA may have only released her debut EP this year, but her brand of electro pop matched with killer vocals sound as seasoned as someone who’s been in the business for years." Suburban Roads

"EZA brings us a whole new world of music on a silver platter, a brooding, bewitching brand of ambient pop with a gravitational pull so strong it has an event horizon, and feelings so strong they could resolve even the deepest existential crisis. Her music is delectably complex, layered to perfection and topped off with gorgeous vocals." - Indie Trendsetters

"Headlights is her bewitching new single, a gorgeous and dark ballad produced by fellow Nashville musician Aaron Krause. It’s quite the fiery and sultry tune, showcasing some superb R&B imbued vocals by the alluring artist." IHeartMoosiq