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EZA is the brooding, sultry project of 22-year-old Ellery Bonham. The Nashville-based, electro-pop artist made waves with her first EP in 2014 containing her break-through song, High & Low, and has since released three singles in 2015. EZA experiences Synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon which allows her to see music in color. From this, she’s able to incorporate a whirlwind of electronic, R&B, and pop inspirations to create her hypnotizing hooks, and beautifully honest lyrics. 

EZA has appeared on Entertainment Weekly, Connor Franta’s compilation album, Common Culture III,  Shazam's Future Hits Playlist, and Nashville Lifestyles '25 Artists Buzzing This Year.' Currently, she is finishing her second EP, set to release in the summer of 2016.