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Nashville Pride Festival | 6.25.16

EZA EP Release Show | 12th and Porter | 9.16.16

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Dead Reckoning - EP

by EZA

EZA is the brooding, sultry project of Ellery Bonham. The Nashville-based, electro-pop artist made waves with her first EP in 2014 containing her break-through song, High & Low, and since gained followers from her singles leading up to her most recent EP, Dead Reckoning which debuted September 2016. EZA experiences Synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon which allows her to see music in color. From this, she’s able to incorporate a whirlwind of electronic, R&B, and pop inspirations to create her hypnotizing hooks, and beautifully honest lyrics. 
EZA has been recognized by Billboard, V Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Shazam's Future Hits Playlist, and Nashville Lifestyles '25 Artists Buzzing This Year.'